Sunday, 16 December 2012

True purpose of our bilongings .

Every gift of god to us is intended for being used to the best advantage . Hence make the most of every  possession and every  situation of ours and make capital out of it . when death overtakes us , not a moment's extension will allowed if asked for . So , every single moment of our like to the best advantage . Devote every breath of ours to some blessed pursuit . The best use of time is to perform every duty in a spirit of worship or service to god , shedding slot and error and remaining engaged in  his blissful remembrance . To fritter away one's time in reading harmful and useless books , in seeing cinema pictures , playing at cards and taking part in other such games , and including in excessive sleep and idle gossips and so on is to misuse it . To devot one's time to sinful pursuits is not only to misuse it but to antagonize and court self ruination .

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