Friday, 28 December 2012

Real Happiness

The man who comes to know that the house in which he lives is charged , both above and bellow as well as on all the four sides , dynamite that can explode any house even for a second ? will his attachment for that house continue any longer ? Similarly when a man comes to know that a strong dose of arsenic has been mixed with the dish served to him ,will be care to eat it ? Will he not feel inclined to leave it at  once  ? In the same way , when one gets  convinced without doubt through discretion , a critical sense of what is good and what is bad , that the enjoyments of this world are all evanescent , burning with the flames of sorrow and destrurctive in the end like poison , will he ever remain attached to them any longer ? Realize this fact with a discerning mind and reckoning all worldly enjoyments as destructive like poison remain unattached  to them ..

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