Monday, 25 February 2013

Be Happy

God , who is absolutely free from faults , is equally in all . All failings and foibles are extraneous , they do not form part of one's nature . If we are prone to perceive failings ,it will come to our view , and if we are inclined to see God , he will meet our eye . There is no objection to our dealing with others according to their external charecter, but do this for the sake of dealing alone . Bring home to our mind and itellect that god alone is manifest in those forms .

Even if any weakness appear to exist in any individual one cannot be sure that they really exist in him or her . May be they are conjured up by our censorious eye alone . And even if they do exist , never believe that they will endure for ever. That which is adventitious will as well depart .

.........contd .

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